Team Highlight: Emma’s Expedition


Emma’s Expedition just finished their third walk, fourth if you include their virtual walk a few years ago. The DePaola family does it for not just to support Emma but to raise awareness and funds. They say sitting back and doing nothing is not in their nature. By walking they are celebrating the strength of not just Emma, but all those coping with T1D, and are hoping that one day soon this all leads to a cure.

The team loves the walk and thinks it’s a great event for people of all ages to do together. They especially love to see Emma surrounded by her family and friends and carrying the team banner. The support system grows by recruiting friends and family as walkers, who then reach out to their own networks for donations as well. Emma’s Expedition greatly appreciates the support they have received.  The team raised $8000 and counting this walk season! Thanks for all your continued support!