Team Highlight: Caitlin’s Crew


Caitlin’s Crew has been walking for seven years, not only for Caitlin, age 14, but also for Caitlin’s aunt and grandfather. The team walks because advancements in technology have already made life more bearable since Caitlin’s diagnosis at age 8, and they walk because they remain hopeful that a cure will be found in her lifetime.

Their most successful fundraising tool has been publishing a video on YouTube to share what Caitlin has been going through the past 6 years. Check out the video here:

The team’s favorite part of the walk is seeing Caitlin feeling loved and supported while being surrounded by her friends and family year after year. It helps her remain positive and serves as a reminder that people are focused on finding a cure. Caitlin’s Crew has raised closed to $40,000in total to date, and raised $4,631 and counting this walk season! Thanks for all your continued support!