Kids Walks

Kids Helping Kids!

Everyone can get involved in our school initiatives. Find the right fit for you and join us as we educate, teach empathy and empower our school communities to make a difference in the lives of those touched by T1D.

Join the growing list of schools nationwide that are part of the effort to find better treatments, prevention, and a cure for type 1 diabetes (T1D)!
Schools across the country appreciate the educational and monetary benefits of our Kids Walk to Cure Diabetes program and are delighted by how easy it is to participate. JDRF provides a turn-key program, and your school and students enjoy the many benefits.
Get a Kids Walk started at your school today! Check it out online at

Community Service Call! Middle and High School students interested in earning meaningful community service credit hours are invited to join our Kids Walk team. Students will adopt an elementary school within their district and, with full support from JDRF, manage a Kids Walk campaign from start to finish. This is an exciting, hands-on experience for interested students.

Looking for a volunteer opportunity that doesn’t require a weekly commitment? Join our Kids Walk Helping Hands Committee and choose the times and dates that work for you. Volunteers can choose to assist with in-school assemblies and/or walk days, school recruitment, material preparation, data entry or money counting. There’s something for everyone on this committee!
To learn more about any of these opportunities, call or email your Kids Walk Coordinator, Jean Marie Trick at 914.606.0513 or