Local Outreach Programs

Bag of Hope
Children newly diagnosed with type 1 diabetes are offered the Bag of Hope, a free backpack filled with a comprehensive collection of educational and support materials including Rufus, the teddy bear with diabetes, a blood sugar meter, children’s books and a DVD, a carbohydrate counting book, and more. Children love receiving all the goodies and parents love the resources! If your child, or if you know a child, who has been recently diagnosed, please call today. Contact information is at the bottom of the page.

Mentoring Program
Mentors are volunteers who provide one-on-one support to families and individuals who are newly diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Mentors give comfort, answer non-medical questions, provide resources and share stories. Matches may be parent-to-parent, family-to-family, adult-to-adult or adult-to-child and are carefully made based on location and situation, such as a child’s grade in school, age at diagnosis, specific issues, etc. You are welcome to request a certain type of match that you feel best fits your needs. The relationship may consist of phone calls, emails, or face-to-face meetings – it is up to the Mentor and you to decide. If you would like to have a mentor or become a mentor, please contact us today. Contact information is at the bottom of the page.

Online Diabetes Support Team (ODST)
The ODST provides online support to families and individuals needing information about type 1 diabetes. The team is made up of JDRF volunteers who each deal with the ever-changing demands of living day to day with diabetes. Contact the team and someone will respond to your non-medical questions within 48 hours.

JDRF School Advisory Toolkit
All students with type 1 diabetes need a strong support network at school to help them properly manage their type 1 diabetes on a daily basis. Cultivating good relationships with school teachers and administrators is key. JDRF has developed a new resource to support and empower families as they communicate with school staff throughout the year.

Connect with JDRF
TypeOneNation is a social network created by JDRF especially for people with type 1 diabetes. JDRF recognizes the critical importance of ongoing peer-to-peer support for people with diabetes.

Local support resources are offered including diabetes fact sheets, connection to community groups, clinical trial information and more. Don’t ever hesitate to ask questions: if we don’t know an answer immediately we can always find one quickly!

Adult Type 1 Toolkit
Being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes as an adult can be difficult. There is a lack of understanding about diabetes in the community and people often do not expect an adult to be diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Adults already have responsibilities and tasks that need to be performed each day and a diagnosis of diabetes is like starting a journey on a road that is new and unfamiliar. It is not chosen and not wanted. JDRF has created the type 1 adult toolkit to be a resource and support network in the journey with type 1 as an adult.

The toolkit includes:
– Diagnosis Practical information section on being diagnosed with type 1 and what that means and how to manage this new disease
– Day to day life with type 1 diabetes a resource section that discusses a variety of management areas such as the differences between type 1 in men and women, dealing with diabetes at work, managing sick days, traveling with diabetes and more
– Looking into the future management of diabetes and research development section
– Don’t Let Diabetes Stop You, a motivational section featuring some famous people with type 1

Joan Benz
Email: jbenz@jdrf.org
Phone: 203-854-0658
Cell: 203-470-4170