Team Highlight: The Glucose Guru’s

The Glucose Guru’s have not only walked and fundraised for the past 9 years, but their family also consistently volunteers the day of the walk each year. They have been walking since 2005 when Andrew was diagnosed with T1D, but the team also walks for other relatives who have passed away from complications of diabetes. […]

Team Highlight: Matt’s Military

Matt’s Military just walked in their 6th walk. The team name was a response to helping Matt in Waging the War on Diabetes, and his team is composed of recruits helping in the mission to Combat Diabetes and there will be no stopping until a cure is found. Sharing their personal story and letting everyone […]

Team Highlight: OKC Oxford Kids for a Cure

This was the first walk for OKC Oxford Kids for a Cure. Mark Aldo, diagnosed in January 2013, is a son, brother, grandson, cousin, nephew, and friend.  Mark has been a real champion and when his mom once told him that she would change places with him if she could he replied, “No, I don’t […]

Team Highlight: Megan’s Mixed Greens

Megan’s Mixed Greens have participated in three walks and have raised funds for JDRF for four years. Megan was diagnosed with T1D right after she turned three and has been living with it for the last five years. The annual walk falls right around the anniversary of her diagnosis. The team would recommend people experience […]

Team Highlight: Patrick’s Pack

Patrick’s Pack finished their first walk this year to support newly diagnosed Patrick Sisco, age 2, and to support research for T1D. They had a fun day at the Goshen walk, meeting other families and learning information about new research and technologies. They found Facebook and social networking to be a great help when it […]

Team Highlight: Caitlin’s Crew

Caitlin’s Crew has been walking for seven years, not only for Caitlin, age 14, but also for Caitlin’s aunt and grandfather. The team walks because advancements in technology have already made life more bearable since Caitlin’s diagnosis at age 8, and they walk because they remain hopeful that a cure will be found in her […]

Team Highlight: Lena’s Loved Ones

Lena’s Loved Ones have been walking to cure diabetes for 11 years now.  The team walks because it is a fun experience to see all the people who not only support Lena, but also support the other diabetics. Lena’s favorite walk memory is when she got to start the walk and do the ribbon cutting […]

Team Highlight: Team Christina

Team Christina is a brand new walk team to Beacon this season. Christina, her family, and friends, have walked with their best feet forward since their first walk in 1995 to show that they are healthy and that diabetes is not an anchor, but a way of life. Christina, captain of the team and a […]

Team Highlight: Scully Gang Team

The Scully Gang Team just completed their 4th annual walk in honor of Tim, age 18, and all other children suffering from T1D. Timmy’s grandmother, CarolAnne, says he is the bravest young man she knows, never complaining and always smiling. He enjoys playing soccer and acts as a mentor for others diagnosed with juvenile diabetes. […]

Team Highlight: Emma’s Expedition

Emma’s Expedition just finished their third walk, fourth if you include their virtual walk a few years ago. The DePaola family does it for not just to support Emma but to raise awareness and funds. They say sitting back and doing nothing is not in their nature. By walking they are celebrating the strength of […]